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Flutres n' Squeeks

Flutes and drums might be oldest musical combination ever. Here a revival of these old form by two true individualists and sound architects on the top of their game. Squeekologist Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves and multi flautist Mark Alban Lotz are both known for their unique sound universe. Matched together with healthy humor, lotz of creative energy and fantasy makes for a juicy musical (and visual!) adventure. A unique combination of two modernists who invent new sounds in music. In their quest for reinvention traveling to unknown areas. This quality they have shown each separately as individual solo artists. As a duo Purves & Lotz reproduce themselves telling the possibilities of sound, melody, rhythm and a story. Concert performances also in combination with a Solo set by Lotz and Gunga.
Contact: Mark Alban Lotz
tel: 0306924285
email: info@lotzofmusic.com


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